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CMS Issues Final Rule on Medicaid Primary Care Payments

By: Susan Sumrell 

On November 1, 2012, CMS issued its final regulation on a new Medicaid rule, increasing payments to Medicaid primary care physicians to the rates of Medicare primary care physicians.   This rule enacts a provision from the Affordable Care Act, which was first issued in May 2012 in proposed form, intended to increase access to primary care in the Medicaid program.

While this rule does not apply to FQHCs specifically (due to our unique PPS payments), it is an important rule because it will increase access to vital primary care services for a vulnerable population.

Also included in the rule is a provision that will update the fees that providers may charge for the administration of pediatric vaccines to children eligible under the Vaccines for Children Program.

NACHC is currently reviewing the final rule and will keep you update on any relevant FQHC specific impacts or information.   You can review the final rule here and the CMS information bulletin here.