Clinical and Health IT Innovations to be Highlighted at NACHC CHI in Orlando

From HIV preventative services to telehealth innovation to new clinical care models, NACHC will be highlighting the tireless work of Community Health Centers during a difficult year at a series of education sessions at the Community Health Institute (CHI).

If you are attending the CHI in-person or virtually, be sure to check out the clinically-focused sessions featuring Fenway Health, AllianceChicago, Miami Beach Community Health Center, the Michigan Primary Care Association, and the Alaska Primary Care Association.

“As mission-driven innovators, health centers create intervention models addressing health conditions and diseases prevalent among the populations we serve,” said Ron Yee, MD, Chief Medical Officer of NACHC. We are pleased to showcase some of the recent work done in the field.”

On Sunday, there will be two clinical sessions that highlight technological innovations implemented over the past year to improve service delivery during the pandemic.

  • CSC1-See the Forest AND the Trees: TelePrEP as a Point of Access for Health Centers

Learn about preventative HIV services innovation in health centers during this past year and effective tools and resources for sustainable TelePrEP programs.

  • CSD1-Sparking a FHIR: How New Health IT Standards Will Change Your EHR

Hear how Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) can be utilized by health centers to support patient and care team needs.

On Monday, two sessions will focus on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on health regulations and clinical operations.

  • CMC2 – The FTCA Program During the Current National Public Health Emergency and as We Recover: What We’ve Learned and What Must Change

Examine lessons learned from our response to a national public health emergency and the critical components of the FTCA program that must be revised.

  • CMC1- Under Pressure about Blood Pressure? Reimagining Hypertension Care Models, Addressing Care Disruptions, and Ensuring Health Equity in a Post-Pandemic Environment

Get information to utilize reimagined workflows to address pandemic-related care disruptions and disparities related to hypertension.

On Tuesday, the two final sessions will focus on advocacy issues for expansion of health coverage and equitable care.

  • CTuA2 – Access to Gender-Affirming Health Care for Transgender and Gender Diverse Youth: Best Practices for Advocating for Your Patients and Clients

Discuss best practices and strategies for promoting access to care for transgender and gender diverse (TGD) youth.

  • CTuC2- Oral Health Adapting and Advancing- Perspectives on Whole Person Care, Data, Policy, and Workforce

Hear the latest on oral health issues that have emerged during the pandemic and technical resources available via the National Network for Oral Health Access, Oral Health Progress and Equity Network (OPEN), state/regional PCAs, and HCCNs to address oral health.

For more information about each session, visit this link.

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