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Our ACE Health Centers: Advocacy Centers of Excellence

An Advocacy Center of Excellence (ACE) is recognized for creating a culture of advocacy within their organization to ensure policymakers at all levels of government commit to supporting the affordable, equitable, and innovative care that health centers provide.

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Day Two of the NACHC P&I: A Focus on Grassroots Advocacy

State delegations of Community Health Center advocates descended on Capitol Hill Thursday to educate lawmakers the value they bring to the U.S. health care system. They traveled to Washington, D.C. from around the country to attend the NACHC P & I. Attendees include clinicians, pharmacists, consumers, nurses, board members in addition to CEOs and anyone …

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Senate Hearing on Value of Community Health Centers

The U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) held a hearing on March 2 focusing on how Community Health Centers save lives and dollars. Chairman Bernie Sanders (I-VT), a longtime champion of health centers, underscored in opening remarks that investing in primary care should be a key priority: “Our challenge right now …

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The Future of Integrated Mental Health Care

Access to mental health care is unfortunately limited due to the mental health clinician shortage, limited mental health access parity, fragmented mental health access, and social stigma. Innovations with urgent care and health centers have helped patients access a mental health provider in real time, with no referrals, no waitlists, and no appointments.

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Dr. Marilyn H. Gaston: Physician, Scientist, Public Health Crusader

Marilyn H. Gaston, MD

Dr. Marilyn H. Gaston learned about inequities in health care early in life. She went on to become a pediatrician, researcher, and to hold leadership positions including Assistant Surgeon General and Rear Admiral of the U.S. Public Health Service.

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African American Founders of the Community Health Center Movement

Community Health Centers sprang into existence more than five decades ago as part of a ripple effect of the Civil Rights Movement. Learn about a few of the many influential African American leaders who played major roles in the early days of the health center movement and have dedicated their lives to pursuing equitable health …