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Healthcare Apprenticeship and Training Program in Washington State Expands

The In-REACH program is rooted in the values of health centers, centering whole-person, preventive care that is available to all.

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Hospitality and Dignity: Native Health Services’ Indigenous Care

Indigenous values are expressed in everything NATIVE HEALTH offers, from Virtual Talking Circles to a Traditional Garden and Cultural Group Connections for in-home visits. 

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A Community Health Center Brings New Life to an Old Church

It was a bold idea: instead of building a new site from the ground up why not start from the steeple down? That’s exactly what happened when Community Health Centers of Oklahoma in Oklahoma City seized on a former Methodist Church as a new medical home. Now called the Perry Klaassen Family Medical Center the …

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At Least 1 in 5 Adults Report Long-COVID Symptoms: Health Centers Respond

Health centers have been seeing patients with long COVID symptoms, but they haven’t gotten strong guidance or resources to manage this condition. Here’s an update on what they and NACHC are doing.

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Strong Triage and Planning Necessary to Support Patients with Monkeypox 

Man treated by nurse

Staff in Community Health Centers (also called federally qualified health centers/FQHCs) are often the first line of defense to protect people from an outbreak. Protection, of course, starts with a strong triage system and a workplan to speed access to treatment.  

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340B Spotlight: How 340B Savings Supports Innovation at Carolina Health Centers

Without 340B savings, the health center’s many services that expand access to care — like free prescription deliveries — would be in jeopardy of being rolled back or discontinued.

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As Hurricane Ian Makes Landfall, Florida Health Centers Stand Ready

Hurricane Ian

Several Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), which provide primary preventative care to everyone regardless of their ability to pay, sit in Ian’s projected path. Over 1 million patients are currently in Ian’s path. For many people, FQHCs are their only source of healthcare, except for emergency departments – which is also the case during and after natural disasters.