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Meeting the Health Care Needs of the Aging (and Fastest Growing) Population at Health Centers 

As the U.S. population ages, accessible and quality health care is increasingly essential for staying healthy. Since they began nearly 60 years ago, health centers have provided comprehensive, affordable, and patient-centered care to people at all stages of the life cycle. Today, however, the fastest growing segment of the health center patient population are people …

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Climate Change and Community Health Centers

Many health centers have long been responding to the needs of their patients most affected by these climate-driven weather events. Every health center faces different threats and challenges when it comes to climate change and each health center will also have different priorities and abilities to act. To meet you where you are, NACHC is working to create a cache of resources to help health centers build resilience for climate change.

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The Future of Integrated Mental Health Care

Access to mental health care is unfortunately limited due to the mental health clinician shortage, limited mental health access parity, fragmented mental health access, and social stigma. Innovations with urgent care and health centers have helped patients access a mental health provider in real time, with no referrals, no waitlists, and no appointments.

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Social Drivers vs. Social Determinants: Using Clear Terms

NACHC is adopting the term “social drivers of health” in lieu of “social determinants of health,” as it more accurately describes the ability policymakers, communities, and individuals have to affect change on the factors negatively impacting health and well-being.

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Q&A with Dr. John Hatch, Health Center Pioneer

Dr. John W. Hatch is a nationally known public health leader and pillar of the Community Health Center Movement. His life’s work has focused on creating a more equitable healthcare system for all, especially people marginalized by institutional and systemic racism.

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A Year in Review on Climate Change and Environmental Health

2022 was a year marked with awareness and activism on climate change and environmental health. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Working Group II released their Sixth Assessment Report on Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability last February, which stressed that climate events are becoming more prevalent and unpredictable with urgent need to …