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Campaign for America’s Health Centers Petition Drive Featured on Michigan TV

By Micah Clemens

As the petition campaign for the “Campaign for America’s Health Centers is underway, there is plenty of pick up in the news. WLIX, the NBC Station in Lansing, Michigan, highlighted the health cener petition drive on their evening newscast this week. They also discusse the ongoing budget debate in the Congressional Supercommittee. Be sure to watch it here:


Across the Mason-Dixon line in Virginia, one health center advocate’s call for the Supercommittee protect health center funding was highlighted in the Times-Virginian. Kay Crane, CEO of Piedmont Access to Health Services, writes, “Here in Virginia, health centers serve seven percent of Virginians on Medicaid at a total cost of only 0.4 percent of Medicaid spending in our state. We are proud that our health center uses a common sense, comprehensive approach to health care; our health care home model of care saves money and improves patient health.” You can read Kay’s op-ed by visiting this link.

Stayed tuned for more news headlines from our health center advocates.