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Calling All Young Professionals!

The excitement is building for the Young Professional Leadership Exchange Track at this year’s Community Health Institute (CHI)! With less than three weeks to go, the CHI is gearing up to be a well-attended conference in beautiful San Diego – home of the Padres and a very famous line from Anchorman.

This year’s Young Professional programming is certainly gaining interest, especially with the addition of our very first YP hackathon. For those of you who don’t know what a “hackathon” is, here is a simple explanation:

The term “hackathon” originated in the tech industry, specifically around computer programming. In a given “hackathon,” a question or problem is introduced, and various experts (programmers, graphic designers, software developers) come together and “hack” through the problem utilizing code and other tech-related systems. Since their inception, hackathons have been utilized by industries outside of the tech industry such as hospitality and tourism to solve larger problems for a given organization.

First Speed Networking Session at 2016 CHI in Chicago

The #CHCYP Hackathon will contain small group work, networking opportunities, and the opportunity to hear from current leaders in the Health Center Movement. The day will be packed with problems to tackle and, most importantly, a group of people passionate about this work.

The hackathon isn’t the only part of the track to look forward to. We have five education sessions throughout the conference that either focus on YP development, or provide skills that are necessary to develop within the Health Center Movement.

Carlos M. Castañeda, Strategic Programs Coordinator at Adelante Healthcare, and a previous YP track attendee, said, “Connecting with other young professionals [in this track] is valuable for my growth because it gives me access to other like-minded individuals who are also passionate about the Community Health Center Movement. I like to believe that we are in it together because we sincerely care about the long-term health outcomes of our communities. We want to see patients overcome disparities that we relate to and do our part to break cycles of poverty. Making an impact in community health is a marathon, therefore it helps to have peers to bounce ideas off of, challenge the status quo, and reinvigorate our passion during difficult times.”

So get excited – there is something in store for everyone! Be sure to pick up your Young Professional ribbon from one of the YPLE group members.

Most importantly, if you’re new to the track, Carlos has some sound advice for you: “Ask as many questions without fear of outing yourself as ’not knowing.’ The Community Health Center community has always been warm, inviting, and we all serve a higher purpose than our personal ambitions.”

We hope to see you all there!

For more information on the YP track, please visit here. If you would like to sign up for the free YP Hackathon, please register here ASAP. For all other questions, please send an email to and look to our LinkedIn group for resources, updates, and upcoming announcements from NACHC’s Young Professional Leadership Exchange group!