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CA: Health Centers ‘At the Heart of Health Reform’

By: Beau Boughamer

The San Diego News Network published a sharp op-ed by Gary Rotto, Director of Health Policy and Fund Development for the Council of Community Clinics, outlining key provisions in the House health reform bill.

The Senate’s version of the Health Care Reform Bill, HR 3962, will soon come to a vote, and, if passed, will slowly move the U.S. health care system toward some form of health coverage for more Americans.


The proposal under review by the Senate would make two key changes: expanding Medicaid eligibility to include qualified uninsured adults and children with household incomes up to 133 percent of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL); and providing public subsidies to enable qualified uninsured adults and children with household incomes from 134 to 400 percent FPL to purchase insurance.


The Council of Community Clinics members currently provide services to 550,000 annually.  About 163,000 clients are currently uninsured.  In San Diego County, almost 140,000 of the clinics’ patients are uninsured.  Should the HR 3962 pass in its current state, many additional San Diegans will be eligible for health coverage and up to an estimated 264,000 newly insured individuals could select a community clinic as their medical home.


Providing every American with access to comprehensive, affordable care is a key to achieving a healthier nation.  Community Health Centers look forward to continuing to work with Congress as partners in improving the health of all Americans.