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Building Confidence in the COVID-19 Vaccines

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Vaccine confidence is the trust that patients, parents, and providers have in recommended vaccines, the providers who administer them, and in the processes and policies that lead to the vaccine’s development, licensure, manufacturing, and recommendations for use.

Establishing confidence in the COVID-19 vaccines is essential to end this pandemic. Transparency about the vaccine — its safety, development, efficacy, and side effects will be critical to building this confidence among providers and other health center staff. If they confidently receive the vaccine, then they can confidently promote it to their patients and the community.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends several strategies below for building confidence in the COVID-19 vaccine among staff working in health care settings. Work with your COVID-19 vaccination teams to customize the strategies that work best for your staff.


Encourage senior leaders to be vaccine champions.

Host discussions where personnel at different levels can provide input and ask questions.

Share consistent and clear information promoting the benefits of the vaccine frequently and through multiple communication channels including emails, Intranet, and breakroom posters.

Educate healthcare teams about COVID-19 vaccines, how they are developed and monitored for safety, and how teams can talk to others about the vaccines.

Educate non-medical staff about the importance of getting vaccinated. Create opportunities for them to provide feedback and answer questions.

Make the decision to get vaccinated visible to others and celebrate it!

To learn more about the science supporting the COVID-19 vaccines and building vaccine confidence in your health center, download the CDC’s Building Vaccine Confidence in Health Systems and Clinics: Tips for Immunization/Vaccine Coordinators.

We are all in this together. Building defense against COVID-19 in our communities is a team effort, and it starts with health care systems including health centers.

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