Health Center Regulatory Issues

BPHC Announces Reorganization – Implementation Set for Beginning of New Year

On October 23, 2014, BPHC issued a Federal Register Notice in which it announced a reorganization of its Offices and Divisions.  The Notice indicates that the reorganization is effective immediately.  However, during a BPHC All Programs Webcast that took place that same afternoon, Jim Macrae indicated that the reorganization would be implemented early next year.  Presently, BPHC is in the process of hiring up to one hundred (100) new staff persons for the new structure.  Until January, it’s “business as usual.”

The reorganization entails modifying the existing structure to reflect five (5) operational Offices plus the Office of the Associate Administrator and Division of Administrative Operations.  Those Offices are as follows:

1. Office of Policy and Program Development: Director – Jen Joseph – will include 3 Divisions focusing on: (1) Expansion; (2) Policy; and (3) Strategic Initiatives and Planning (which will include Outreach and Enrollment and capital-related activities).

2. Office of Quality Improvement: Director – Suma Nair – will include 4 Divisions focusing on: (1) Data and Evaluation; (2) Federal Tort Claims Act coverage; (3) Strategic Partnerships (which will be the point of contact for Health Center Controlled Networks, Primary Care Associations, and National Cooperative Agreement grantees); and (4) Quality.

3. Office of Strategic Business Operations: Director – Margaret Davis – will include 3 Divisions focusing on: (1) External Affairs; (2) Organizational Development; and (3) Systems.

4. Office of Northern Health Services: Director – TBD – will include 4 Divisions comprised of Regions I, II, III, V, VIII, X: (1) Northeast; (2) North Central; (3) North Midwest; and (4) Northwest.

5. Office of Southern Health Services: Director – Angela Powell – will include 4 Divisions comprised of Regions IV, VI, VII, IX: (1) Southeast; (2) South Central; (3) South Plains; and (4) Southwest

The Federal Register Notice addresses the specific charges of each Office in detail. At this time it is unclear whether the reorganization will result in changes to project officer assignments.  It is also unclear whether these changes represent all of the structural modifications.  During the webcast, Mr. Macrae indicated that other changes could occur, such as development of offices based on “functions” (such as scope of project issues, assessment issues, etc.).  NACHC will provide additional detail regarding the impact of the reorganization on health centers as we obtain it.