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Behavioral Healthcare Publication Spotlights Mental Health and HIT

lardiereMichael Lardiere, NACHC’s Director of Health Information Technology for NACHC and Senior Advisor for Behavioral Health, was appointed to the Board of Directors of AHIC Successor. AHIC Successor is an independent, sustainable public-private enterprise that will bring together the best of the public, non-profit and private sectors in an effort to create a secure interoperable nationwide health information system, or health information technology (HIT). Lardiere’s background in behavioral health could be an added bonus for mental health experts and advocates concerned about privacy and HIT.  David Raths, a writer for the periodical Behavioral Healthcare, notes, “As healthcare information technology groups work toward the goal of interoperable health records, many behavioral healthcare executives, clinicians, and consumers are wondering whether their concerns are being heard. They fear that unless questions about the privacy of mental health and substance use information are addressed, behavioral healthcare records may never be fully integrated into larger networks.”  You can read the full article at this link.