Author: Kate Friedman


New Medicaid COVID-Related FAQs

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has updated its Medicaid COVID-19-related FAQs, which were published back in March. Because the latest version of the FAQs is quite lengthy (over 100 pages), we have highlighted some of the new FAQs as well as some older FAQs that may be of interest to Primary Care Associations …

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Medicaid Expansion: Victory in Oklahoma and The Future Ahead

Oklahoma voters have approved expanding Medicaid, narrowly passing a ballot initiative 50.48% to 49.52%, a margin of just 6,488 votes. Although four other states have expanded Medicaid via a ballot initiative, Oklahoma is the first to enshrine the expansion as a state constitutional amendment, making it exceedingly difficult for it to be rolled back; to …

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The Hurdles and Barriers to Medicaid Coverage

In February, just as the COVID-19 crisis hit the United States, a federal appeals court struck down the Trump Administration’s latest effort to enable states to impose work requirements on Medicaid recipients. At the time, advocates celebrated the outcome as validation of Medicaid’s longstanding role to improve health for vulnerable people without placing unnecessary obstacles …