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Health Centers Discuss COVID-19 Vaccine Strategies at the 2021 Policy and Issues Forum

Nurse giving shot

At this year’s Policy and Issues Forum, community health center leaders came together to provide further detail for the “Health Centers and Underserved Communities: Vaccinations From First Mile to Last Mile” session.

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Community Health Center Doctors on COVID-19, Health Equity and Vaccines

Faith Polkey

A new video shows Community Health Center physicians describing how they pivoted their operations quickly to respond to COVID-19 and underscores the importance of protecting yourself, family and friends by getting vaccinated.

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Dr. Marilyn H. Gaston: Physician, Scientist, Public Health Crusader

Marilyn H. Gaston, MD

Dr. Marilyn H. Gaston learned about inequities in health care early in life. She went on to become a pediatrician, researcher, and to hold leadership positions including Assistant Surgeon General and Rear Admiral of the U.S. Public Health Service.

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NACHC submits Medicaid Managed Care Comments

On July 27, NACHC submitted our final comments on the CMS Proposed Rule on Medicaid Managed Care. We encourage you to review our  final comments in full. We would like to thank everyone who provided feedback on our draft comments, with a special thanks to those who submitted comments to CMS on behalf of their organization. NACHC is also currently reviewing several other …

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Request for Comments on CMS Medicaid Managed Care NPRM

NACHC is pleased to share our draft comments on the recent CMS proposed rule on Medicaid managed care. This rule is the first time since 2002 that CMS has proposed to update the rules governing Medicaid Managed Care Organizations (MCOs.)  As such, it touches on a broad range of issues of direct relevance to health centers and their …

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Victory for the ACA: Moving Forward after King v. Burwell

The King v. Burwell Supreme Court decision on Thursday marked a huge victory for ACA proponents. In a 6 -3 ruling, SCOTUS upheld health insurance premiums for eligible individuals in all states—regardless of whether their marketplaces were state or federally-established. The decision was met with both relief and applause by President Obama’s administration. With Congress …

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This Week is National Men’s Health Week

With Father’s Day quickly approaching, Men’s Health Week (June 9-15) is the perfect time to remind the men around you of the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. Getting an adequate amount of exercise and eating properly are fundamental habits that foster overall health, but it is just as important for men to understand the value …

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Download the New and Improved NACHC P&I App Today!

The new and improved mobile application for the 2014 Policy and Issues Forum is officially available for download via the Apple and Google App stores. Following #NACHCpi on Twitter, registering for education sessions, and staying up to date on the latest conference news is as easy as pushing a button. How to locate and download …

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The Affordable Care Act and Your Community Health Center

NACHC is pleased to present a new video, “The Affordable Care Act and Your Community Health Center.”  Short and to the point, this new communications tool can assist health centers with educating their patient populations about coverage options under Medicaid, or purchasing a private insurance policy in the online Health Insurance Marketplace. This is not the first, and will more than likely not …