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Dr. Marilyn H. Gaston: Physician, Scientist, Public Health Crusader

Marilyn H. Gaston, MD

Dr. Marilyn H. Gaston learned about inequities in health care early in life. She went on to become a pediatrician, researcher, and to hold leadership positions including Assistant Surgeon General and Rear Admiral of the U.S. Public Health Service.

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African American Founders of the Community Health Center Movement

Community Health Centers sprang into existence more than five decades ago as part of a ripple effect of the Civil Rights Movement. Learn about a few of the many influential African American leaders who played major roles in the early days of the health center movement and have dedicated their lives to pursuing equitable health …


The Power of Creativity for Healing

NACHC has invested in a unique webinar series that shines a light on the ways art and creativity can enhance healing in the Community Health Center setting and recharge care teams. As our Senior Fellow Grace Wang, MD, MPH, FAAFP, says: “It’s important to give the part of our brain that’s overused an opportunity to rest.” …


Know a Potential Health Center Healer? Invite Them to Become a Hometown Scholar

NACHC’s Dr. Don Weaver with ATSU Hometown Scholars – all community healers and heroes   We have a shortage In May 2022, Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy released an advisory that put the healthcare workforce shortage in dire terms: “There is a projected shortage of more than 3 million essential health workers in the next five …

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Social Drivers vs. Social Determinants: Using Clear Terms

NACHC is adopting the term “social drivers of health” in lieu of “social determinants of health,” as it more accurately describes the ability policymakers, communities, and individuals have to affect change on the factors negatively impacting health and well-being.

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Q&A with Dr. John Hatch, Health Center Pioneer

Dr. John W. Hatch is a nationally known public health leader and pillar of the Community Health Center Movement. His life’s work has focused on creating a more equitable healthcare system for all, especially people marginalized by institutional and systemic racism.