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SCOTUS Hears Arguments on Affordable Care Act

Jeremy McClain, NACHC Legal Research Analyst, co-authored this blog post. The Supreme Court this week heard oral arguments in the case of California v. Texas, a case in which the Trump Administration and 18 state attorneys general are asking the Court to strike down the entire landmark Affordable Care Act (ACA) as unconstitutional.  The provisions of the …

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What We Know Now about Health Centers and the Pandemic

A new report finds that many health centers face emerging and mounting challenges, particularly as the demand for more COVID-19 testing is increasing while local businesses and schools attempt to reopen.


NACHC 2020 CHI@HOME Is Underway

These are extraordinary times and few things make that fact more clear than a virtual national conference. Thousands of health center advocates are not gathering under one roof for the Community Health Institute as in years past. Instead, they are at home fighting an unprecedented pandemic in a year that has been like no other. …


National Health Center Week 2020 is Happening Now

National Health Center Week 2020 (NHCW) may look a lot different this year with the new normal of COVID, but health center leaders around the country are finding ways to reflect on their mission and accomplishments, even if it’s doing it virtually on social media. The stories we read every day in newspapers, social media …


Health Center CEO Testifies Before Senate Committee, Addresses Racial Disparities

Racial health disparities were under the spotlight this week on Capitol Hill. Rodney B. Jones, Sr., CEO of East Liberty Health Center in Pittsburgh, PA, was among the witnesses who provided virtual testimony before the Senate Special Committee on Aging in a hearing that focused on COVID-19’s impact on racial health disparities. Jones gave a …


A Post from the Frontlines of COVID in Michigan

Sometimes the stories of heroism on the frontlines come at us so fast there’s not enough time to share them. This one from Cherry Health in Michigan caught our eye because it demonstrates how the COVID-19 pandemic has radically affected normal routines in health care. Meet Maria Vizcarra, a patient registration specialist at the health …

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What the Numbers Tell Us About COVID Disparities

COVID-19 has cut a destructive path across along racial lines. African Americans and Latinos are bearing the brunt of this virus with higher rates of infections. Few understand this better than the people who work at Community Health Centers. Health centers care for nearly 30 million people, and many of them are essential workers in …

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A Health Center Fights Two Pandemics

Even before COVID-19 arrived on America’s doorstep we were battling another health crisis — opioid use disorder. Nearly 90 percent of Community Health Centers offered behavioral health services onsite, including opioid treatment services before the massive pivot to address the pandemic began. And the grim news is that COVID may have worsened the problem of …

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COVID-19 Is Not Going Away

The consensus building among health experts is that we’re going to be in pandemic mode for the foreseeable future. On Capitol Hill, top disease expert and White House advisor Anthony Fauci today told lawmakers on the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee that daily new cases could surpass 100,000 new infections per day if …