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Are You Ready? NACHC Offering Trainings on Medicare FQHC PPS

As you all know, CMS published a final rule on the Medicare Prospective Payment System for Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) as mandated by the Affordable Care Act. The final rule is estimated to increase the ability and capacity of FQHCs to provide essential and affordable services by increasing Medicare payments.

The new payment system will be implemented beginning on October 1, 2014. FQHCs will be transitioned to the new payment system throughout 2015.

Are you ready for these changes? It is essential that you implement these changes correctly the first time as the stakes are extremely high!

Have you considered these factors for the implementation process?

  1. If you implement the new Medicare PPS rule correctly, your health center stands to increase its revenue substantially.
  2. If you implement incorrectly, you risk not only leaving money on the table, but also scrutiny from CMS for setting your rates too high (or too low).
  3. This rule has significant impact on your grant – particularly as to how your sliding fee scale is applied to patients. All Health Centers must understand and prepare for these changes.

It is important to implement the new Medicare PPS rule correctly the FIRST time!

To assist you with this process, NACHC has developed a one-day hands-on training that will assist you with this process with the first training scheduled for September 3 and 4 in Chicago, IL.

It is not too late to register for the September 3 or 4 session in Chicago, IL and implement correctly on October 1!



  1. When and where are the other trainings. The date noted in this email is September 3 and 4 which has already passed.

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