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Are You Ready for National Health Center Week?

 By Yvette Crenshaw

As National Health Center Week (NHCW) approaches (August 8th – 14th), health centers are eager and looking forward to several events that will take place at their centers and other locations.  A host of events are being planned across the country that include Members of Congress vists to health center sites, press conferences, health fairs, and much more!  To help spread the word, health centers can take advantage of the  various tools  on the NHCW web site.   There’s even a NHCW badge (upper left of this post) that can be used for web sites.   Also,  NACHC has launched a health center advocate video contest.  Great videos from health center advocates from across the country are coming in and ready to be uploaded for judging,  so keep checking the NACHC Facebook page for updates and get ready to vote for your favorite!

Clearly, this year’s NHCW is different now more than ever as health centers gear up for the changes ahead.  Anita Monoian, CEO of Yakima Neighborhood Services and Board Chair for NACHC, called this year’s celebration “different.” She also adds in the recent issue of the the Northwest Regional Primary Care Association newsletter:

“Our theme, Turning Vision into Reality, reflects the enormous task before us.  Change is coming to the health care landscape and health centers are charged with the responsibility to lead and show the way forward. Enactment of (the health care reform bill) placed immense trust and confidence in our model of care.  Now it’s up to us to define the future of primary care and demonstrate how it should be directed, paid for and delivered with quality, innovation and excellence. “

For more information on the health center videos please visit National Health Center Week Videos. Please also let us know what events your health center is hosting for NHCW!