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Another Health Center Embraces Health Information Technology

By Angie Stewart

The South End Community Health Center (SECHC) is very proud of one of its biggest accomplishments this year: the implementation of an electronic medical record system (EMR). SECHC is one of many health centers across the country to adopt an EMR system to keep track of medical information from logging patient notes to ordering prescriptions and referring patients. Health Information Technology (HIT) is fast becoming a staple, not only at the more progressive health centers, but even those who consider themselves “late technology bloomers.”

This efficient way of organizing and disseminating information will save time and money in the long run. SECHC is quick to acknowledge, however, that the initial cost and the future investment of staff time does make this a difficult conversion. It can take months for some clinicians to become comfortable with this technology, but most would confer that HIT is faster, more convenient, and more accurate than hand writing files.