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AK: FIP Funding in Homer

By: Beau Boughamer

Local media continue to write about Facility Investment Program (FIP) funding.

The Homer Tribune published a piece about FIP plans at Seldovia Village Tribe Health Center.

The Seldovia Village Tribe Health Center received an early and fairly unique Christmas present this year. The gift – courtesy of the Obama Administration – included $2.2 million in stimulus funding that SVT plans to use to reconfigure a warehouse alongside the clinic.

The money should create about 24 new construction jobs for Homer, said Sarah Richardson, SVT public relations and marketing person.

“We wanted to offer more holistic health to the community, and needed a space for health education, groups, consultations, physical therapy and administration,” Richardson explained.

The SVT is a community health center that serves a broad spectrum of people. It’s a place to go, regardless of one’s ability to pay, and relies on grants for much of its funding.