Amy Simmons Farber is the AVP of Media Relations for the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC).  Before NACHC, she served as the Communications Director of the House Financial Services Committee. She was also the Chief of Staff and Press Secretary for former U.S. Congressman Joseph P. Kennedy II (D-MA). Amy has also spent more than 10 years working in the news media and is a former segment producer for Fox News (WTTG) in Washington, D.C.

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Style Guidelines

  • Blog posts should be no more than 300 to 400 words long.
  • All acronyms should be spelled out on the first reference.
  • Posts should be structured like a news article with information that answers who, what, where, when.
  • Direct quotes that are attributed to a spokesperson with a title, name, and name of the organization are encouraged. Do not paraphrase.
  • Please consider using photos, graphics, or video with your posts when possible.
  • Community Health Centers should be upper case and not an acronym “CHC.”
  • Always hyperlink the following:
    • The name of a health center
    • Specific references to news articles or documents (press releases, fact sheets)
    • Federal agencies or organizations
  • Avoid jargon. Health policy term that are not widely known to the general public should be clarified or explained.
  • Information such as news articles or press releases that are used as a source should be given attribution that includes a hyperlink. For example:
    • “The funding will be used to expand oral health service in medically underserved areas,” said Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell in a press release [hyperlink] issued after the grant announcement.
  • Use active voice (versus the passive voice), ideally in short sentences.
  • Avoid exclamation marks.
  • Avoid time references such as days of the week, especially if it is irrelevant to the action being described. It will only date your content. For example:
    “Last Tuesday Congress passed legislation that will expand affordable primary care services to more people in need.”

Please note, if your blog is selected for publication someone will contact you. NACHC may edit your blog for style and brevity. Send your blogs to communications@nachc.org and make sure to include your contact information.

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