Giving Thanks to the 340B Drug Pricing Program Our Patients Rely On

Author: Sue Veer, MBA, president and CEO of Carolina Health Centers and NACHC Board Secretary. Right before Thanksgiving, Community Health Centers across the country held a Zoom Rally and Twitter Storm using the hashtag #340BThankful. During Thanksgiving week, the #340BThankful hashtag was used 305 times and garnered a whopping 120,826 impressions!  Twitter is perhaps the …

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5 Tools to Kick-Start Innovation at Your Health Center

People around a table at Innovation workshop

This post is part of our monthly Innovation Blog Series hosted by NACHC’s Center for Community Health Innovation. Camila Silva is NACHC’s Deputy Director of Innovation. Are innovation efforts at your Community Health Center intentional or are they simply an item on your to-do list? Monday to-do list: ☐ Help patients have a better waiting …

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A Health Center that Prescribes Food as Medicine

As we prepare to celebrate with friends and family at the Thanksgiving table, we’re mindful of how the food we eat and serve is medicine for the body and soul — essential to our health and well-being. But choosing what is served on our plate can be an overwhelming challenge for many. More than 10 …

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Healthcare Apprenticeship and Training Program in Washington State Expands

The In-REACH program is rooted in the values of health centers, centering whole-person, preventive care that is available to all.

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Hospitality and Dignity: Native Health Services’ Indigenous Care

Indigenous values are expressed in everything NATIVE HEALTH offers, from Virtual Talking Circles to a Traditional Garden and Cultural Group Connections for in-home visits. 

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A Community Health Center Brings New Life to an Old Church

It was a bold idea: instead of building a new site from the ground up why not start from the steeple down? That’s exactly what happened when Community Health Centers of Oklahoma in Oklahoma City seized on a former Methodist Church as a new medical home. Now called the Perry Klaassen Family Medical Center the …


Providing Care to Veterans

On this Veterans Day we reflect on our obligations to the veterans who served our country.  In doing so we also note that it’s important to honor veterans every single day and not just one and provide them with timely and compassionate care once they come home. Community Health Centers take that job seriously, which …

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Congress Studies Climate Change, Impacts on Health Centers

By Mallika Yadwad, Program Associate, Federal and State Policy, and Jessica Hinshaw, Program Manager of Public Health Priorities, NACHC. As world leaders gather in Egypt to discuss the threat of climate change, U.S lawmakers are also investigating how the changing climate is affecting people here. Lawmakers on the House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee …


Mobile Health Fuels Up After New Change in Law

Health centers are using mobile units to serve patients in rural and underserved areas, and will get more funding to do so, starting in 2024. By Olivia Lewis, writer for Direct Relief, where this article originally appeared. NACHC and Direct Relief have launched joint editorial initiative to deliver trusted and reliable content about health care. …