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2009 in Review: The Year at NACHC

By: Beau Boughamer

We’re spending this week looking back at 2009.  As could have been predicted back in January, this turned out to be one of the most eventful and important years in the history of the Health Center Movement.   Of course, no one could have foretold exactly how it has unfolded — from stimulus funding and reporting to the emotional highs and lows of the health reform debate.

Separate pieces are reviewing the year in public policy, advocacy and media, and we’re offering up some “quotes of the year” and even “tweets of the year.”

Here, though, a look back at “The Year at NACHC” — a year of successes and challenges pointing to opportunities for 2010 and beyond.

We would be remiss not to say one thing at the outset:  THANK YOU.  Nothing could be accomplished at NACHC without the strength and support of the organizations and people that NACHC endeavors to represent in Washington.

  • NACHC’s Office of the President implemented bylaw and other policy revisions to improve the process for electing board members.
  • See our Health Centers on the Hill and Health Center Advocacy in Action blogs for the year’s highlights from the Public Policy and Research team.
  • Western Operations conducted dozens of health center site visits, welcomed new institutional and individual members and worked with PCAs to strengthen their relationship with NACHC.
  • Marketing and Membership oversaw the addition of dozens of new NACHC member institutions — with organizational membership reaching an all-time high in 2009; secured sponsorships; and contributed to the launch of the Value in Staffing (ViS) program and Community Health Center Buyer’s Guide.
  • PCA Relations had success with the annual PCA Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico and used new avenues — including webinars and face-to-face meetings — for PCA staff orientation.
  • The Training and Technical Assistance staff increasingly made use of web-based technologies, updated trainings and responded to the H1N1 epidemic, which affected virtually all health centers and had a major impact on the public health safety net overall.
  • Community HealthCorps built on important partnerships and expanded its own social networking outreach.
  • Clinical Affairs diversified its funding stream and found new ways to implement technology into day-to-day operations.
  • Communications worked to secure health center media coverage, launched an interactive map outlining stimulus impact, updated toolkits and established a foothold in social networking (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogs, including the one you’re reading now).
  • Partnerships and Resource Development forged and strengthened important relationships, despite the difficult economic climate, and kept members informed about grant opportunities.
  • Finance successfully completed another fiscal year with timely reporting and processed more online registrations than ever for the five conferences as well as 42 webinars, 20 trainings and 2 special events.
  • Our Meetings team managed the five major conferences (Policy and Issues Forum, Farmworker Health, Community Health Institute and EXPO, Financial, Operations Management/Information Technology and the Primary Care Association Conference) — with record P&I attendance — and made important improvements to the LiveLearning Center.
  • The Information Technology team updated hardware and software, coordinated the relocation of our downtown Washington office and improved the NACHC Intranet.
  • NACHC’s Community Health Ventures worked to increase participation in the Value in Purchasing (ViP) program, saving health centers millions of dollars.