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Expanding the COVID Workforce Through Integration of Pharmacy Teams

Photo credit: Holyoke Health Center Pharmacy vaccinates Holyoke public school staff. Clinical pharmacists at community health centers were involved in immunization efforts long before the COVID-19 pandemic, making them well-positioned to become leaders in initiatives to comprehensively protect the public from COVID-19. In response to the pandemic and the emergency need to increase the COVID-19 …

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Better Data for Health: Tracking Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Data

With correct social data, including SO/GI, we can know exactly how many trans patients receive services at health centers and in turn, health centers can identify opportunities for more culturally and medically adept LGBTQAI+ services.

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A Reflection on Pride and the Health Center Movement

Jim Luisi in rainbow Pride t-shirt

By James Luisi, CEO, North End Waterfront Health, Immediate Past Chair, NACHC Board of Directors. While Pride became a celebration throughout the month of June, it started out as a protest. After New York City police raided the Stonewall Bar, a safe haven for the LGBTQ+ community, the patrons, who were mostly drag queens, decided …

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How Health Centers Are Ensuring Equitable COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

While mass COVID-19 vaccination sites continue and vaccinations are being incorporated into routine or other clinic visits, health centers are reaching deep and wide into their communities to ensure they are equitably distributing vaccines. Laura Miller, M.D., Chief Medical Officer at the Community Health Center Network (CHCN), a nonprofit Medi-Cal managed care organization providing business …

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How Dentists Can Aid Health Centers’ COVID-19 Vaccination Efforts

Using dental providers and staff, who have been trained extensively to give injections both orally and subcutaneously, will help put more COVID-19 shots in arms.


Children’s Books as a Tool to Raise Anti-Racist Children

One afternoon when I worked with the United Methodist Church’s public policy and advocacy agency, I facilitated a two-day seminar examining U.S. immigration policies with a group of retired United Methodist Women (UMW). They had come thousands of miles to Washington, DC, to discern how God was calling them to work toward just immigration policies …


Asian American Women Are at Risk for High Blood Pressure

Guest post by the National Institute of Health’s Heart Truth Program. Blood pressure checks are a routine part of most medical appointments. Some surprising statistics suggest that Asian American women aren’t getting the follow-up support they need to lower high blood pressure. Only about 14 percent of Asian American women with high blood pressure have …

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A Progress Report on Health Centers and Vaccinations

Community Health Centers have administered more than 10 million vaccine doses and have increased the number of vaccines they initiate each week by almost five-fold from January 8 to May 7. As they begin the last mile of the vaccination campaign to end the pandemic, their efforts are now directed toward developing successful models to bring …