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The Silent Epidemic in Boston

cynthia_smith_examines_a_patientThe innovative work of Boston-area Community Health Centers in the fight against diabetes was recently highlighted in the Boston Globe. The Globe article, the first installment of a 2 part series, notes “In 2002, for the first time, diabetes crept onto the list of the top five killers of black Bostonians.” Five of the city’s community health centers are using a $5 million grant to help people with diabetes manage their disease and avoid the potentially deadly consequences such as amputation, kidney failure, heart attack. The Codman Square Health Center is one of the five health centers involved this project (photo attached). The health center has 900 diabetic patients, has scheduled group medical visits and cooking classes and has hired outreach workers to visit diabetics who have skipped doctors’ appointments.

The health center has made such a difference in health care delivery in the Boston area. That’s why CEO Bill Walczak is on the health care transition committee for the incoming Patrick Administration. Click here to read more about what Boston-area health centes are doing to treat and prevent diabetes. The Globe article series comes as The Deval Patrick/Tim Murray transition committee work group on health care meets this week to hear from residents about the health care needs of individuals and communities, so that the new administration has an understanding of health care needs as it takes office next month. Major topics include: the implementation of health insurance reform, public health, access, and cost savings. Jim Hunt, CEO of the Mass League of Community Health Centers, is Co-Chairperson of that Committee.