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The Power of Grassroots Advocacy

Community Health Centers were born out of a grassroots movement over forty years ago and it has been the power of grassroots advocacy that has protected and grown the health center program ever since.

More than ever, the ability of health centers to influence our future at both the state and federal levels depends on our ability to consistently mobilize a significant number of local advocates who can work together to win. As others interests expose Congress and state legislatures to more and more effective grass roots advocacy efforts in the health care and budget debates, it is essential that health centers be able to do more than talk about the 16 million people who get care at health centers. We have to make sure that elected officials receive concrete reminders of that constituency. An essential part of this effort to fight and win future legislative battles at the federal and state levels is building a broad, organized and responsive grassroots advocacy network. This needs to be a network not just of health center staff, but board members, clinicians, patients, community organizations, individual supporters and local officials.

To that end, NACHC has made it a priority to recruit, inform and activate as many Health Center advocates as possible. If you would like to join this effort just click on this link.