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2017 Ends with a “Cliffhanger”

2017 brought forth a year of challenges for Community Health Centers that included natural disasters and a man-made one: a funding cliff. The funding cliff came as it was revealed that health centers now serve more people than ever at 27 million, or 1 in 12 Americans.  Leading up to the funding cliff deadline was uncertainty across the nation about the future of insurance …

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Bipartisan Actions Seek to Boost Momentum Toward Health Center Cliff Fix

As health centers around the country have made clear, the expiration of the Community Health Centers Fund (CHCF) on October 1, and with it, 70% of total grant funding for the Health Centers Program, is already having an impact at health centers nationwide. While each individual health center won’t experience a direct change to grant funding …

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Deadline Now Passed, House Committee Action Marks One Step Toward a Cliff Fix

As every health center director, staff member, board member and advocate knows well, the Community Health Centers Fund (CHCF), which accounts for more than 70% of all federal grant funding to America’s 1,400+ health center organizations, expired on October 1st. While each health center has until the beginning of their next budget period before the direct …