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House Legislation Summary: The CHAMPIONING HEALTHY KIDS Act

By: NACHC Federal Affairs Staff The House of Representatives is slated to vote this week on the CHAMPIONING HEALTHY KIDS Act, legislation that would avert the Health Center funding cliff and extend several other programs important to health centers: the Community Health Centers Fund (CHCF), which provides 70% of section 330 grant dollars; along with …

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Deadline Now Passed, House Committee Action Marks One Step Toward a Cliff Fix

As every health center director, staff member, board member and advocate knows well, the Community Health Centers Fund (CHCF), which accounts for more than 70% of all federal grant funding to America’s 1,400+ health center organizations, expired on October 1st. While each health center has until the beginning of their next budget period before the direct …

Health Center Advocacy, Health Center Federal Policy

Despite Momentum, Cliff Fix Not Yet Atop Congressional Agenda

Thanks to the advocacy of thousands of health center leaders and supporters across the country, the last two weeks have shown a marked uptick in Congressional awareness of the need to fix the Health Center Funding Cliff, which, if left unaddressed, would have devastating consequences for the nation’s health centers and the people they serve. Yet, …