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Rhode Island Health Center Reaps Awards

Thundermist Health Center of South County has received two awards for the re-design of their medical practice. Quality Partners of RI awarded the South County site a “2006 Advancing Innovation in Healthcare Award.” Blue Cross Blue Shield of RI awarded Thundermist of South County a 2nd Place Quality Award during National Healthcare Week. Using an innovative scheduling technique, known as “Advanced Access” patients have the ability to schedule appointments with their doctors on the date and time that fits their schedule. To make this new technique work, the health center redesigned their office systems, streamlined appointments, revised numerous forms, and more over the course of a year. The results were well worth it as patient satisfaction is up, improved clinical outcomes, and an increase in new patients. To learn more about Thundermist click here.

Thundermist’s innovation is a good example of a health center tradition that is on the constant look out to improve on the patient center model of care.. and why studies show the health center quality care is equal to or better than the care by other providers. Read more about it here.