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North Carolina News Note

Evelyn Schmidt, executive director of the Lincoln Community Health Center in Durham, NC, was among those queried by the Raleigh News & Observer about what she wanted the new Congress to do. Evelyn’s answer:

“One of the most severe issues is health care. The rising number of uninsured in the United States, now at least 46 million, is most alarming. The strength of a nation has been and will be increasingly dependent in a global society on a healthy, educated populace a populace that is able to achieve educational/vocational goals, has appropriate health care, lives in neighborhoods without fear and has adequate food. Increasingly there are reports in the country of inadequate health care, inadequate money to buy food, and housing that is uninhabitable in neighborhoods that inspire fear, not comfort. This nation, once admired for its creativeness and inclusiveness, is losing its most valuable asset: people who more than ever in rapidly changing times need to be assured of health, education and a safe place to live.”

Evelyn is a long time activist for accessible and affordable health care. If you’re an elected leader in the Triangle area, chances are you have chatted with Dr. Schmidt and visited her health center in East Durham. Last year, The Indpendent Weekly did a nice profile about her that you can read here.