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More on Missouri

Recently we wrote about Missouri Governor Matt Blunt and his support of Community Health Centers. In his recent State of the State address the Governor also invoked the health center model, earning an admiring nod from this blog. He said,”I recently had the opportunity to talk with Dr. Heidi Miller, a young doctor who cares for indigent Missourians at Family Care Health Centers in St. Louis. Dr. Miller explained why she believes in the health care home. Dr. Miller described the health care home as a place you know, and a place that knows you. She described the health care home as a place that makes you feel safe, a place where you do not have to explain yourself every time, a place where you can go in your time of need. I agree with Dr. Miller. A health care home offers a place to build relationships…”

Blunt isn’t the only one talking about health care homes. Kudos to the American College of Physicians for proposing something in the same spirit: a health care system that would pay primary care physicians based on their coordination of care for patients as a bold solution to address the “collapse of primary care medicine.” ACP says patient-centered care “provides continuous access to a personal primary or principal care physician who accepts responsibility for treating and managing care for the whole patient through an advanced medical home.”