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More on ER Use

Fom the blog “FierceHealthCare: The Maryland Health Care Commission has found that a third of all Maryland’s emergency room visits are for non-emergency conditions that could be treated in another setting. Over a one-year period, 2.3 million patients visited Maryland ERs. “Of those visits…18 percent were for conditions that weren’t emergencies at all, and 17 percent required rapid treatment but could have been dealt with in primary care doctors’ offices.” State legislatures are concerned by this over-use because non-emergency patients turning to the emergency department NACHC has also looked into avoidable visits to the ER and has a state by state break down. In our finding, $320,407,97 a year is wasted on visits to the ER that could have been redirected to a Community Health Center or other community provider. Maryland is paying a heavy price for its underserved– over 165,476 residents don’t have access to a primary health care doctor.