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Katrina Post Script

better_health_deptThe continuing ripple effects of Katrina in New Orleans is gaining notice in the news once again. A recent article looked at what’s being done to addresss the lack of health care services in the area. Also CBS News recently revealed that some 10,000 kids displaced by Katrina are suffering from depression.

One of the health centers doing heroic work helping kids displaced by Katrina is Saint Charles Community Health Center located about 30 minutes outside of New Orleans. Saint Charles, by the way, was the closest community health center operational after Hurricane Katrina hit. The health center normally sees 2000 patients a month– but within 90 days of the hurricane, they saw 15,000 patients of all ages. Of about 3000 children now being treated at the health center, about 300 have been diagnosed with mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression

It’s worth noting that NACHC has documented the important role health centers played– and still play– in providing health care services in and around Katrina’s footprint. You can read our report here.