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Health Center to Open in Honduras

Thundermist Community Health Center in Woonsocket, RI will open a health center in a small rural town in Honduras in March 2007.

“We are quite pleased that our health center in Honduras is complete. The health center was literally built by the townspeople of Los Pinares and eight surrounding towns and is desperately needed,” said Dr. Tim Henry, PhD, a member of the Thundermist Health Center Board of Directors, who serves as the project coordinator. Henry spent 12 weeks in Honduras in 2006 and returns later this month to equip the center and prepare it for the opening. “The townspeople are fully vested in their health center and are looking forward to the opening.” At 2,500 square feet the health center is the largest structure for miles.

Thundermist partnered with the non-profit organization, Shoulder to Shoulder two years ago. Shoulder to Shoulder provides community health services in rural Honduras to people living in poverty since 1990. Thundermist has been participating in annual medical brigades for the past two years and opens the brigades up to any Thundermist staff member, board member or member of the RI health care community who feels that they have something to offer to the brigade, i.e. anyone with medical or dental expertise, anyone who speaks Spanish fluently, or anyone in social services or with a skill or talent which would benefit the community.

The Brigades offer many opportunities to those who participate: they help deliver medical and dental care to people in need in impoverished areas of rural Honduras and get to know the community and people they serve. Additionally, participants also learn from community members about issues facing the poor in developing nations, about their health care needs and the deli