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Fighting Cervical Cancer

The National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) has joined the Partnership to End Cervical Cancer. For the first time in history, we have the potential to significantly reduce the incidence of a female cancer – cervical cancer – through the addition of vaccination to existing screening programs. This opportunity is a bold step forward in women’s health and highlights the need for the public health community to work together to ensure access to these vaccines for women in the United States. Significant barriers must be addressed to ensure that adult women who may benefit from cervical cancer vaccination and screening have access to them. Health centers have played a key role in providing affordable early screenings to low-income women at risk for cervical cancer. Just over 1.4 women received pap smears at health centers in last year.

Mother and Child from Unity Health CenterConsequently, the Partnership to End Cervical Cancer – a unique collaboration of more than 20 leading consumer, professional and policy organizations, public health groups, foundations and healthcare professionals – has formed to create a new standard of preventive healthcare for women that includes screening and vaccination to prevent cervical cancer. The mission of the Partnership is: To ensure the immediate inclusion of vaccines to prevent cervical cancer as part of routine preventive healthcare for all women in the United States. NACHC is hoping to increase coverage for health center patients who are not covered by child immunizations programs, Medicaid, or other forms of health insurance.

For more information, please read about cervical cancer and the new vaccination to prevent cervical cancer visit the website here. For more information on this partnership and/or other partnerships within NACHC please contact Jason Patnosh. Director of Partnership Development at NACHC.