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Educating the New Congress

More than 60 new Members of Congress– that’s over 50 in the House and 8 in the Senate– will be sworn in come January. NACHC is urging health centers and Primary Care Associations to get the message out and educate these new Members of Congress about the importance of reauthorizing and fully funding health centers. Some PCAs aren’t wasting any time communicating to new state and national leaders. Kudos to Colorado Community Health Network for issuing a cool post-election press release underscoring the importance of health centers and the political opportunity they present to unite both parties around a health care agenda. Also double kudos to Bill Wagner, Executive Director of Family Health Centers in Louisville, KY, and to SusanFreer, Executive Director of Metro Family Practice in Wilkinsburg, PA, for their letters to the editor that were prominently printed in the Louisville Courier-Journal and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette respectively, urging their newly- elected Representatives to fully support the funding and reauthorization of health centers. You can read Susan’s letter here.
And here’s another that appeared in the Flint Journal (Michigan).