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Being Blunt on Health Care Homes

gov_bluntHealth care coverage may be on the lips on some governors but others are talking about health care homes. Missouri governor Matt Blunt is, well, blunt about another health care crisis: access. The govenor’s solution: he’s outlined a proposal that establishes health care homes for the uninsured and underserved.

Missouri governor Matt Blunt“My first concern as we design a new health care system is to improve access for patients and help lower the cost of health insurance for everybody,” Blunt said. “I have talked, and more importantly, listened to Missourians about their health care needs. It is clear that we can make some common sense changes to our health care system that will make a big difference in the quality of care for patients. One change I am proposing is the Health Care Home model. Under our plan, patients who participate would have a homebase for health care where professionals know their medical history and can recommend care, early detection and preventative actions to improve their wellness. Preventing or treating health care problems before they become hospital emergencies will dramatically improve the quality of life and care for Missourians.”

Health centers leaders were at the Governor’s press conference to show their support. Seen here are Karl Wilson, President and CEO, Crider Center; Gloria Crull, Executive Director, Family Health Center, Columbia MO, and Dr. Heidi Miller, Family Care Health Center, St. Louis MO.

Read the press release.