Author: Jen Taylor

Health Center Federal Policy

Can Congress Deliver a Cliff Fix Before They Leave for the Holidays? Yes! (But We Need Your Help!)

Congress is embarking on its annual holiday tradition of scrambling to pass all outstanding legislation that piled up over the course of the year and needs to be enacted before the new year. This year they have amassed an especially long list of complicated and critical items that need attention before they attempt to leave …

Health Center Federal Policy

Behavioral Health is a Priority on the Hill

Congress continues to work on a variety of legislative proposals to address issues related to mental and behavioral health and substance abuse, including the epidemic of opioid abuse that has garnered major national attention. Both political parties see these as important priorities, though they don’t always agree on how to best address them. Much of …

Health Center Federal Policy

Congress Increasing Scrutiny, Oversight of 340B

The 340B Drug Discount Program might sound like an obscure health policy issue to most people, but those in the Health Center movement know that it is an essential source of support, allowing Health Centers to stretch increasingly scare federal resources and reinvest in patient care. Over the years, 340B has received increased scrutiny from …